Astro-Aroma Guide: Advice for every sign of the Zodiac

The Birth Chart indicates quite precisely the special traits of your character, your energy potential and your inner needs. We can also use the information received from the Birth Chart in order to select the essential oils that are right for you, which will be in perfect resonance with your Energy field and will be able to correct it or strengthen it if necessary.

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Profession Astrologer. How to choose your specialist

From the time of the «Age of Enlightenment» (18th century) to the present day, the profession of an Astrologer has been wrapped in mystery. If in the past the services of more or less competent astrologers were available only to the powerful, today we can speak of the «democratisation» of Astrology, which has become available to the general public. This opening towards a greater number of people, as desirable as it may be, has nevertheless not improved its reputation.

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Chiromancy. What if the Life Line is short?

The Life Line gives us indications of the quality of life. This line is traditionally considered to be the most important one. It points to the material and spiritual conditions of human existence. It symbolises life itself and its important events.

It starts between the thumb and forefinger, curves down to the edge of the wrist, and ends at the base of the Mount of Venus.

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