Chiromancy. What if the Life Line is short?

The Life Line gives us indications of the quality of life. This line is traditionally considered to be the most important one. It points to the material and spiritual conditions of human existence. It symbolises life itself and its important events.

It starts between the thumb and forefinger, curves down to the edge of the wrist, and ends at the base of the Mount of Venus.


According to its characteristics, one can judge the vitality, physical and mental health of a person. This line will also indicate whether a person is of an enthusiastic and optimistic nature or finds it difficult to cope with life’s adversities. However, in order to draw conclusions about the quality of life in general, other lines and mounts must be considered. The deeper, longer and clearer the line is, in a word, if the line is well drawn, the more optimistic and energetic a person is, capable of achieving goals and resisting difficulties.


If the Life line is brighter than others, then physical activity and sports will be of great importance for a person. People with such a line get great pleasure from any kind of movement and change. They have quite a lot of stamina, self-confidence and are able to remain steadfast in all situations.


If the Life line is barely manifested in comparison with other lines, this is a sign of weak vitality. You will need to pay more attention to your health and try to exercise regularly. Practices such as Yoga or Qigong may be suitable for you because they seek to regulate the flow of energy in the body without exhausting it with great physical exertion. A short Life line — which is rare — is absolutely not a sign of a short life span (time). On the other hand, you can often see breaks on this line.


If, after breaking, the line takes a new branch and crosses the palm to join another line, this will indicate a radical change in the life scenario. In this case, it is necessary to study the shape of the Head and Heart lines before giving a complete analysis of life. However, very often breaks on this line indicate a person who is very quick-tempered. The Life line can also be in the form of a chain, which will indicate a nervous disposition and a changeable mood. In this case, the person will have to work on an emotional plan to avoid painful sensitivity or other psychosomatic illnesses.


A very thin Life line can indicate a fragile or melancholic nature, but capable of compassion and empathy for other people. This line predisposes a person to intellectual work, often working in social structures where a psychological approach is required. It is not uncommon to find the Life line divided into two or more parts. These breaks indicate periods of sudden and radical life changes and new stages in life. In this case, you need to see how the line looks after the break. If it firms up and becomes clear again, then the existential turn will be well taken.


If it is shallower and less well drawn, then it will be difficult for a person to cope with the changes and it will take time to adapt to new living conditions. The signs that can be found on this line can be either negative or positive. Here we will discuss the most common ones: if we see small branches that start from the Life line and go upwards, this is a favorable indication that happy events will take shape in a person’s life that will lead him to success. If one or more branches leave the Life line and go down, then displacements and changes in this person’s life will be frequent.


Stars on the Life line are also a good sign. A star is made up of several small lines that intersect at one point. In fact, a star on the Life line is a symbol of a great and sudden concentration of energy at a particular point in one’s life which brings about a breakthrough leading to self-realisation. The islands on this line are signs of a period of life when life energy is at its lowest and in some cases can indicate emotional distress or destabilisation caused by external events. A person will have to mobilise all his energy, physical, mental and spiritual resources. The purpose of this experience is to know your inner strength in order to rise up again stronger and move forward more confidently. It is likely that during these periods a person will be prone to physical illness, often psychosomatic, or will have psychological problems. If these signs are found on the palm, good mental and physical hygiene will be especially necessary.The short, bar-like lines that cross the Life line are called trauma lines, and represent the emotional turmoil that one may encounter. In this case it is better to develop a philosophical attitude towards life and people and to take care of your health. If we observe small breaks on the Life line, this is again a sign of an interruption in energy, during which a person will feel fatigue and loss of vitality. It can also indicate serious health problems caused by an inappropriate lifestyle (unhealthy diet, alcohol, smoking, etc.)


But let me repeat, in conclusion : do not mistake the short Life line for early death!