Astrology and its uses

If Astrology is the language of the stars, then the Astrologer is an interpreter of that language. But more than that, he or she is also a transmitter, since when «translating» an astrological chart into a «human» language, the Astrologer transmits, along with the information, the necessary energy that allows a person to reach a new level of development.

The Astrologer transmits this energy by connecting to your cosmic matrix, which is projected onto your Birth Chart (a sort of cosmic identity card). Thus, the task of the Astrologer is not only to analyse and comment on your Birth Chart, your Horoscope, but also to give you an energy-boost (a kind of magical push from the Universe through the Astrologer).

For this reason, the Astrologer must ensure that their own channel is clear, free of all kinds of interference, personal or not, in order not to distort the information received, and not to make any personal projections.

Let’s now turn to the Birth Chart, the Horoscope. What exactly is it?

Technically speaking, it is the graphic summary of the sky at the time of a person’s birth. It represents, symbolically, the itinerary that your Spirit has chosen on the Path of Life, in order to obtain the experiences necessary for your personal evolution.

One of the questions most frequently asked is: «What is my mission in life, my objective?» This is my answer: we all have the same objective, namely to be the creator of our own happiness, or more precisely, the Co-Creator, since we create in Co-Creation with the Absolute.

But in what field can we do this best, to arrive at self-realisation and fulfilment? Your Birth Chart will help to answer this question. It will indicate where your most powerful creative potential lies, what pitfalls you will face and have to detour around in the River of Life, where and how you can catch your wave, who you will meet on the way, what are the gifts life will offer and which of them you had better refuse, in order not to waste your time and energy.

In brief, the Birth Chart is a map, the Astrologer is your guide, your «GPS Navigation System», and you are the Pilot, you decide what to do with all the information and how best to use the «fuel» you have been allocated.

There is also the Horoscope of Compatibility, also called Synastry. It is obtained by superimposing one Personal Horoscope on another, and this allows one to judge the compatibility of two people. Using Synastry, you can see how the energies of two people interact with each other. Most often, Synastry is considered in the context of a love relationship, but it can be drawn up for both the boss and his subordinate and for the parent and child.

Astrology can help in making the right decisions – selecting the right one out of many possible options. Astrology can also help in choosing a profession; and it’s a valuable aid in making major decisions like buying a home, getting married, undergoing surgery, for example.

Astrology also deals with Prediction, of course. Thanks to various predictive techniques, the astrologer can forecast the astrological weather on the horizon. Naturally, you can do whatever you like, but a plan will be more successful if carried out when the time is right and the current of energy is flowing. Forecasting helps us to understand what energy we have available at a given moment in life and where we should spend it.