Do you believe in Chiromancy ( Palmistry).? I give a detailed answer to this question in my book «Chiromancie» which was published in 2017 in five European countries. I can only state that I am convinced that palmistry is not a question of faith, but rather a discipline that requires a certain openness of mind. Palmistry is often called the younger sister of Astrology. Astrology is generally considered to be a «Uranic» science. It is ruled by the planet Uranus which also rules the sign of Aquarius, the only «human» sign of the zodiac.


Symbolically, Aquarius, half-man, half-God, pours knowledge onto the Earth. This knowledge comes from the higher realms of existence. Today, Humanity is entering the Age of Aquarius, and thanks to this we are now ready to open our minds to other perceptions of physical reality, new knowledge. As you know, the new is the long-forgotten old. Thus, the return to esoteric knowledge as Chiromancy (Palmistry) or Astrology is becoming an increasingly popular practice for those who seek to know and understand each other better. Chiromancy, like Astrology, helps us to better understand our inner reality, our unconscious mechanisms behind how we function and, therefore, to better determine our real desires and our real needs, emanating from our true self, from our Heart, and not from the mind conditioned by our Ego. We all want to be free, free from our subconscious mechanisms. But with this freedom comes responsibility. With the Age of Aquarius, it is time to take responsibility for our destinies and to use our creative power to build a fulfilling and happy life. To change our inner reality, we must first know and understand it.


Obviously, we cannot change what we do not accept, and we cannot accept what we do not understand. This is how we are made.


Understanding provides the power needed to transform inner reality. And the inner reality determines the outer reality. However, ninety percent of all our actions depend on our unconscious mechanisms. To decipher these mechanisms, we can lie on the psychoanalyst’s couch for years and look for answers there, but today everything is accelerating with the phenomenon of «space-time compression».


The Universe, thanks to this, gives us access to other means – more rapid and efficient — of knowing and transforming ourselves. Chiromancy is one of them. My goal is to offer you different keys to self-knowledge. Of course, our Destiny is «written», but we must try to live the best life scenario possible, given the options. And to choose among these options, Chiromancy and Astrology can help illuminate the path.

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