Astro-Aroma Guide: Advice for every sign of the Zodiac

The Birth Chart indicates quite precisely the special traits of your character, your energy potential and your inner needs. We can also use the information received from the Birth Chart in order to select the essential oils that are right for you, which will be in perfect resonance with your Energy field and will be able to correct it or strengthen it if necessary.


Here are a couple of examples: Capricorns, a very responsible and hardworking sign, are often prone to pessimism and depressive states. Why? Their sober and critical outlook on things doesn’t permit them to «let go of reality and build castles in the air.» Representatives of this sign suffer greatly because of their perfectionism.


Aquarians are susceptible to nervous system overload and can’t cope with a huge stream of thoughts. It is difficult for them to calm their minds.


Aromatherapy can be very effective in helping to balance or adjust our energy,  or focus it in the right direction.

Of course, Aromatherapy not only helps in coping with negative emotional states, but also unleashes our creativity. Aromatherapy can be used to strengthen our body by filling energy gaps. We are complex beings, but there are adjustments that can be made.  Each Birth Chart has its own strengths and weaknesses .. but everything can be adjusted and everything can be worked on.


Now I would like to give some quick and general guidelines for each Sign of the Zodiac. Why general? Because I will only be taking the position of the Sun in a particular Sign into consideration. In order to select an essential oil for you personally and establish a method of application, we need a personal consultation where your Sun Sign and the Sign of your Ascendant and the position of the Moon, as well as the position of other planets in your Birth Chart, will be analysed in order to identify «strong and weak» players in your energy field, accompanied by recommendations for correction.


Let us begin with Aries.

For you, I would recommend essential oil of rosemary. This soothing fragrance relaxes the muscles and allows you a break. Aries do not know how to stop because any interruption of activity or temporary inactivity generates enormous stress for those born under this sign. Rosemary is suitable for relieving stress. It lowers the level of cortisol (the hormone of stress and fear). Essential oil of rosemary mixed with massage oil will relieve joint pain and muscle spasms. In a bubble bath, it will reduce fatigue and nervousness.


Taurus: Ylang-Ylang is a gentle but effective aphrodisiac. This oil relaxes, lowers blood pressure, and helps lift your mood. Taurus are great lovers of all kinds of pleasures. I recommend the use of his oil in a  hot bath with sea salt or applying it as a perfume on their wrists.


Gemini: Basil oil is good for you. Basil is one of the most powerful essential oils for helping to deal with mental stress. We know that many people turn to stimulants such as coffee or a cigarette to enhance their thought process; but basil oil not only increases mental acuity but is also a wonderful ally for those trying to give up smoking. Basil oil is also a great resource when emotional baggage gets too heavy.
It can be used in a diffuser, or applied to the wrists, but be sure to mix it first with a base oil in order to avoid skin burns.


For Cancer signs, lavender, sage or mint oils are suitable. These oils aid digestion and soothe the stomach and intestinal comfort. Those born under the sign of Cancer are prone to frequent mood swings and worrying about their loved ones. This sign is more sensitive to psychosomatics than the other signs.
To calm yourself down quickly and easily, massage your hands and feet with lavender oil mixed with a base oil, or apply a few drops of sage oil to your solar plexus area at night. This will guarantee you a healthy sleep. Sage oil is an excellent anti-stress.


For LEO, I would recommend orange and rosewood oil. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, it is a fire sign. If the energy of the Sun cannot be properly channelled, it can lead to heart problems. Use essential oil of Orange to improve heart function. Apply a few drops of essential oil (after mixing it with the base oil) on the chest and massage for a few minutes. Or inhale it whenever you feel frustrated or annoyed. If you are experiencing severe resentment, apply rosewood oil to your feet.


To help Virgo to deal with anxiety, I suggest trying the essential oil of Lemon Balm or Chamomile. These oils, due to their sedative properties, will help you to cope with anxiety and cleanse the body of harmful toxins. Lemon balm and chamomile essential oils work together so they can be mixed.


To calm the nervous system, add chamomile essential oil to your bath at night or apply to your wrists.


For Libra: Lemon Balm oil or Frankincense oil (two different oils) work well for Libra to gain inner balance. Lemon Balm relieves physical and mental pain, aids in achieving peace of mind and supports the immune system.
Put several drops of lemon balm oil into your palms or feet, massaging it in to enhance the effect — or use a diffuser. Frankincense oil is good for meditation or breathing exercises.


Scorpio is ruled by his (or her) passions and is filled with enormous energy, difficult to control. But this is immensely draining. Essential oil of Fir works wonders. It helps to cope with the consequences of strong emotions and channel seething energy in a creative direction.

Some drops of fir, rosemary or jasmine essential oils can be added to a foot bath for instant relaxation.


Sagittarius. Essential oils of Geranium or Clove can help to relieve muscle tension and maintain an optimistic mood. With soothing and regenerating properties, these oils help to tone the body and mind. Remember that these oils cannot be applied to the body in their pure form (like most essential oils). Use a diffuser or add to your bath salts.


Capricorns: For you I recommend eucalyptus oil and cedar oil. According to Chinese medicine, people who are sad or pessimistic are more likely to suffer from lung disease. Eucalyptus essential oil relieves mental stress and reduces the effects of overwork. As a responsible and resilient Sign, you never leave business unfinished or a promise unfulfilled. Whatever the cost to you. And very often it costs you health and strength. Cedarwood essential oil will help you to find inner peace and a sense of security. Mix these two oils when taking a bath or massage. And if you don’t have time for all this, then at least put the diffuser on your desktop.


Aquarians need to learn how to relax: internal contradictions and high nervous tension exhaust the nervous system.


Cypress oil, obtained from the branches of the evergreen tree, puts thoughts in order, lifts the mood and helps the Aquarian focus on the positive side of life. Lemon oil is also good for Aquarius. It will bring vigor and vitality.


For Pisces, who tend to absorb the energy of the environment, tea tree or rose essential oil is suitable. These oils can help you regain calmness and promote rational thinking. Rose oil is applied to the wrists or to the heart chakra area.