Consultation Solar Return

Consulting Solar return. Solar Return is when the Sun returns to the exact same area of the sky where it was at the moment of your birth.

When the Sun returns to the same degree as in your Birth Chart, the solar cycle is restarted. About a month before the birthday, a person begins the phase of preparation for a new solar cycle. The difference between the Solar Horoscope and the transit forecast is that Solar is a revolution of consciousness, indicating at what stage of our personal development we are and what tasks we have to fulfill for the coming year. It describes the main tendencies of the year and determines its significance. It indicates in what areas of life the will of the person will be of great importance. This tool helps in understanding the psychology of the coming year, but it can also signpost events. If you wish to have such an analysis, it is important

to order it a month before your birthday. The Solar Return works for a whole year, until the next revolution of the Sun.