Horoscope of Compatibility Synastry

SYNASTRY is the study of compatibility: an astrological analysis of the interaction between two people in a relationship, based on a comparison of their Birth Charts. It can be used to study any couple relationship, a romantic relationship as well as a relationship between parent and child, boss and employee. But mostly we are talking about Couple Synastry. Such an analysis allows us to identify the character of the relationship, the perspective for its development, the strengths of the partnership, and the points which call for particular attention in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest. Synastry analysis is obtained by analysing the two Horoscopes and their interaction with each other. To perform Synastry, we need the date, place and time of birth of both partners. If the time of birth of the second partner is unknown, analysis is possible, but we have to rely on the partner’s Cosmogram (i.e. the horoscope, but without the grid of astrological houses). The Cosmogram allows us to understand the energy and psychological structure of the personality, but is not able to indicate in which sphere of life the events will happen

(to do which, it is necessary to know the position of the houses in the horoscope, which is fixed at the time of birth).